If you have a broken pallet truck call or email now to arrange a time for us to visit your site free of charge and give you a quote to repair.

We cover the following areas:

Pallet truck repair / service in Southampton, Liverpool, Poole, Bracknell, Manchester, Farnham, Yeovil, Birmingham, Lymington, Wigan, Hounslow, Camberley, Lancaster, Gosport, Bath, Leeds, Christchurch, Bradford, Slough, Petersfield, Wrexham, Fareham, Sheffield, Bournemouth, Heathrow, Leicester, Bristol, Wincanton, Coventry, Southall, Maidenhead, Wolverhampton, Blandford, Reading, Warrington, Waterlooville, Huddersfield, Warminster, Ferndown, Stoke, Amesbury, Ringwood, Crewe, Aldershott, Weymouth, Derby, Farnbourgh, Portsmouth, Sherborne, Salisbury, Andover, Stafford, Basingstoke, Guildford, Dorchester, Alton, Havant, London, Dorset, Merseyside, Hampshire, Lancashire, Cheshire, Surrey, Yorkshire, Middlesex, Staffordshire, Devon,  Somerset, Wiltshire, Berkshire.

We have engineers based in the North & South.

Service & Repairs

All servicing and repairs are carried out onsite. One pallet truck will be taken at a time to be worked on so it causes minor impact for the day to day running of your business. We service all makes of trucks.

If your truck is deemed beyond economical repair we will advise you rather than charge you for a repair when its cheaper to buy a replacement truck.

If you have several trucks in bad condition we will try and make one or two good trucks out of all the broken and damged ones.

All the parts we fit come with a 12 month warranty and will be identified on a worksheet what truck has had what part fitted to it. We offer a free site inspection and quote for repair.

Free Site Inspections

We offer a free site inspection to all our new customers.

If you have a pallet truck not working contact us and we will be able arrange a time convenient to yourselves to come in and give you a thorough inspection of all your trucks and a free quotation on repair and service costs.

If the pallet trucks are beyond economical repair we can advise on what to do next either buy new, reconditioned and what type of truck suits your working enviroment best.

Health & Safety

All pallet trucks need to have a record of maintenance by law.

With every job we do we provide a PUWER or LOLER certification worksheet. This needs to be filed and we also keep a copy too for our records. We can advise you what type of truck requires what type of inspection.

All trucks serviced will have the safe working load stickers put on them and be signed off with the date the work has been carried out and a identified by a fleet number.